Can I have a trial in The Movement before joining?

Of course! It’s totally understandable to want to try the fitness club out before you join as a member. We offer everyone a  trial for €12. Stay as long as you like, use the entire club and get a feel for the place.

How do I become a member of The Movement Fitness Club?

It couldn’t be easier!  There are no long forms to be completed and the joining process only takes a few minutes. You can join online, through this website, using your PC or smartphone or you can simply pop into us at reception in the fitness club and we will get you joined up and booked in for your first assessment.

What membership option is best for me?

You may want to check out our Memberships and Prices to decide which type of membership is best for you.

What age must you be to join the gym?

We accept members from 18 years and over.

Can I join The Movement for one month only?

Yes you can join for one month. Our monthly membership is a no contract membership.

Can I use the fitness club pay as you go?

Yes you can attend the fitness club only as a pay as you go option for €12 per visit.

You can attend any of our fitness classes pay as you go for only €8.

Can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership if it is for medical reasons / injury. We require a letter from your doctor outlining how long you will be unable to use the fitness club for.

What happens if my monthly payment bounces?

If your monthly payment bounces, you may receive an email and text message to inform you. Your account will then be in arrears and you can pay this amount in The Movement at reception. We will not attempt to take the monthly fee out of your account again until the next month’s payment.

* Please note - your bank may levy an additional fee for handling a failed payment.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, we require that you give The Movement Fitness Club 30 days’ notice, by email, stating your wish to cancel. Please email info@themovement.ie.


Do I have to book in for classes and how do I book?

Yes, we always recommend booking in for classes. You can book in for classes up to 3 days in advance by calling us on 026 43492 or sending us a message on Facebook or by emailing info@themovement.ie. If you are a member, you can book through the members app.

How do I cancel my place in a class?

If you have the booking app, you can cancel up to 1 hour in advance of the class. After this time, you will need to call us on 026 43492 to cancel your place. Cancellation of a class within 60 minutes of the class start results in a no show for the class. 3 no shows within a 30 day period results in a 7 day ban from the app. Non-members can cancel by ringing 026 43492 or by sending us a message on Facebook.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are free for members and €10 for non-members.

Is there a minimum number for classes to go ahead?

As long as at least 1 person shows up, we are happy to do the class!

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, don’t worry, we get it. Sometimes life gets in the way. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the next one.

Our classes are really popular and in high demand, so just remember to cancel if you can’t make a class. That way, your fellow fitness club goers can take advantage of your free place.

Cancellation of a class within 60 minutes of the class start results in a no show for the class. 3 no shows within a 30 day period results in a 7 day ban from the app.

What do I have to bring to class with me?

We recommend you bring a towel (we also have towels available to purchase at reception) and some water. If you are a non-member, you will need to bring your €10 and if you are coming to yoga you have to bring your own yoga mat.

Using the Fitness Club

How do I access the fitness club?

You can access the fitness club by signing in at reception.

Do I have to sign in at every visit?

Yes, you have to sign in at every visit. If you enter the fitness club without signing in, you may be asked to come back to reception to sign in.

Can I book a fitness club tour?

Of course! Just contact us by phone, email or through Facebook and we can book you in to get a full tour of the club with a member of staff. We will also go through all the membership options with you and the class timetable and can answer any questions you may have!

What do I need to bring to the fitness club with me?

You are required to bring a sweat towel into the fitness club with you to wipe down the machines you have used once you are done (we also have towels available to purchase at reception). We also recommend bringing some water.  

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

Of course! You can book in for an assessment for a more detailed tutorial on using the equipment but you are always welcome to ask one of the staff for any help with using the equipment.

Assessment, Training & Nutrition

How do I book an assessment?

You can book an assessment by calling into us at reception, phoning us on 026 43492, sending an email to info@themovement.ie or by sending us a message on Facebook.

What does an assessment involve?

It involves one of our trainers spending one hour in the fitness club with you, assessing your fitness and creating a personalized training program for you. It usually begins with your weight and measures being taken (if that’s what you want), the trainer will then talk with you about what your goals are, how long you want to spend in the fitness club for your workout etc. and will then create your training program. They will take you through the fitness club showing you all the exercises on your program and the correct technique for them all so you will know exactly what you should be doing.

How much does an assessment and a training program cost?

It is completely free for every member!

How often can I get re-assessed?

You can get re-assessed and update/ change your training program every 6 week, free of charge!

Does The Movement offer personal training?

Yes we offer a range of personal training packages for both members and non-members!

* Please see packages under the Personal Training section of this website.

Does The Movement offer nutrition plans?

No we do not offer a nutrition plans.


Does The Movement offer car parking?

Yes we have a large car park at the back of the fitness club with lots of parking! We share a carpark with SuperValu. When you drive into the car park, turn right and you can park there completely free for as long as you like.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

No. We are offering a high quality, low cost, health and exercise facility only, with a no ‘frills and fuss’ approach.  This allows us to give you a high value – low cost membership.  Why pay extra for facilities you may not use?

Are there lockers available in The Movement?

Yes, we have changing facilities with individual showers and locker facilities. Lockers are not for use overnight. Please remember to bring a padlock for the lockers as we do no supply padlocks.

You can use the lockers without a lock if you wish but it is at your own risk. The Movement do not accept any responsibility for items left on the premises.

Are there changing facilities in The Movement?

Yes, we provide showers, lockers and toilets. All clubs have changing facilities with individual showers and locker facilities. Lockers are not for use overnight.  Please remember to bring a padlock for the lockers. There are hairdryers and hair straighteners available in the ladies changing room.

Are there hairdryers and hair straighteners available in the changing rooms?

Yes, there are hair dryers and hair straighteners available in the ladies changing room.

Is there a bike rack at The Movement?

No but you are welcome to leave your bike inside the front door by the stairs.  

If you have any questions which were not answered above, please contact us.