What’s Included?

This short-term package is designed to educate, and empower members with their nutrition.

What’s included? Firstly, dietary analysis of your current diet will be carried out using Nutritic’s (professional dietary analysis software). Thereafter, a consultation will be scheduled. This consultation will run through your current diet (i.e., strengths and areas that may need to be improved), and go through a detailed document – containing information on WHAT you need to do, and explaining WHY you need to do it. This information will be customised to you – and your goals.

Two-weeks after your initial consultation, our in house nutrition consultant will check-in with you to answer any questions you may have.

This package is suitable for members, and non-members who are 1) struggling to lose body fat or gain muscle mass, 2) someone who wishes to optimise their performance (e.g. gym, GAA, endurance sports etc.,) and 3) for persons who want guidance on how to make healthier food choices.


If you are interested in signing up for this plan then simply email us on moveitnutrition@themovement.ie or feel free to contact us by phone on 026 43492.